Form 14 – Complaint for Negligence Under Federal Employers’ Liability Act

Form 14. Complaint for Negligence Under Federal Employers’ Liability Act

  • 1. Allegation of jurisdiction.

    2. During all the times herein mentioned defendant owned and operated in interstate commerce a railroad which passed through a tunnel located at __________ and known as Tunnel No. __________.

    3. On or about June 1, 1936, defendant was repairing and enlarging the tunnel in order to protect interstate trains and passengers and freight from injury and in order to make the tunnel more conveniently usable for interstate commerce.

    4. In the course of thus repairing and enlarging the tunnel on said day defendant employed plaintiff as one of its workmen, and negligently put plaintiff to work in a portion of the tunnel which defendant had left unprotected and unsupported.

    5. By reason of defendant’s negligence in thus putting plaintiff to work in that portion of the tunnel, plaintiff was, while so working pursuant to defendant’s orders, struck and crushed by a rock, which fell from the unsupported portion of the tunnel, and was (here describe plaintiff’s injuries).

    6. Prior to these injuries, plaintiff was a strong, able-bodied man, capable of earning and actually earning __________ dollars per day. By these injuries he has been made incapable of any gainful activity, has suffered great physical and mental pain, and has incurred expense in the amount of __________ dollars for medicine, medical attendance, and hospitalization.

    Wherefore plaintiff demands judgment against defendant in the sum of __________ dollars and costs.