Form 31 – Judgment on Jury Verdict

Form 31. Judgment on Jury Verdict

  • (Title of Court)

    Civil Action, File Number ___________

    A.B., Plaintiff }

    v. } Judgment

    C.D., Defendant }

    This action came on for trial before the Court and a jury, Honorable John Marshall, District Judge, presiding, and the issues having been duly tried and the jury having duly rendered its verdict,

    It Is Ordered and Adjudged

    [that the plaintiff A. B. recover of the defendant C. D. the sum of __________, with interest thereon at the rate of __________ per cent as provided by law, and his costs of action.]

    [that the plaintiff take nothing, that the action be dismissed on the merits, and that the defendant C. D. recover of the plaintiff A. B. his costs of action.]

    Dated this __________ day of _______________, 20_____.


    District Judge

    [Added; effective April 15, 1964; Amended effective January 1, 2005.]

  • Drafter’s Note

    2004 Amendment

    Form 31 is amended to conform to revised Rule 58(a). All judgments upon jury verdicts must now be signed by the district judge and not the clerk of the court.