Eighth Judicial Court Rules

Rule 1.33 – Specialization of judges; procedure for selection.

Rule 1.33. Specialization of judges; procedure for selection.

  • The chief judge must assign the judges of the district (excluding family court judges) to specialized divisions of the court for 2-year terms as needed. The assignments must provide for rotation of the judges among the various divisions. In making the assignments, the chief judge shall request the district judges to recommend the assignments, and shall take into account the desires of each individual judge. The final selection, however, is left to the discretion of the chief judge. Assignments shall be made as follows:

    (a) Civil/Criminal division: judges as needed;

    (b) Business court division: at least 3 judges who have experience as a judge or practitioner in “business matters” as defined in Rule 1.61(a);

    (c) Civil only division: judges as needed;

    (d) Drug Court/Overflow division: judges as needed;

    (e) Overflow division: judges as needed.

    [Added; effective January 1, 2001; amended; effective July 22, 2009.]