Eighth Judicial Court Rules

Rule 1.40 – Child support masters.

Rule 1.40. Child support masters.

  • (a) Every child support master must be in good standing as a member of the State Bar of Nevada. The compensation of the masters may not be taxed against the parties, but when fixed by the presiding judge (with the approval of the remaining family division judges) and concurred in by the chief judge, such compensation must be paid out of appropriations made for the expenses of the court.

    (b) Except as otherwise herein provided, the proceedings of the child support masters must be in accordance with the provisions of N.R.C.P. 53.

    (c) The master may request a district court judge serving in the family division to make an immediate determination of appropriate sanctions for contemptuous behavior, issue a bench warrant, quash a warrant or release persons arrested thereon.

    (d) The master’s report must be furnished to each party at the conclusion of the proceeding and the court will accept the master’s findings of fact unless clearly erroneous.

    (e) Within 10 days after the conclusion of the proceeding and receipt of the report, either party may serve written objections thereto upon the other party. If no objection is filed, the report will be referred to the presiding judge and without further notice, judgment entered thereon.

    (f) If a written objection is filed pursuant to this rule, application to the court for action upon the report over the objection thereto must be by motion and upon notice as prescribed in Rule 2.20.[Amended; effective August 21, 2000.]