Eighth Judicial Court Rules

Rule 1.62 – Assignment of civil cases.

Rule 1.62. Assignment of civil cases.

  • Unless otherwise provided in these rules, all civil cases not designated business matters shall be divided among those trial judges assigned to the civil/criminal division and full-time civil division; additionally, any civil case which will take 4 weeks or more to try may be handled by a full-time civil judge. No department assignment may be made for uncontested probate matters, or mental competency cases.

    (a) Assignment of civil cases to full-time civil judges. Civil cases shall be assigned randomly to the balance of full-time civil judges not designated business court judges. In addition to random assignment of cases, civil cases initially assigned to a civil/criminal judge may be reassigned and transferred to a full-time civil judge not hearing business matters if the trial of the matter is likely to exceed 4 weeks in length.

    (b) At the time these rules take effect, all pending civil cases will be analyzed and a determination made by the presently assigned judge to:

    (1) Keep the case and try it;

    (2) Reassign it to the business court;

    (3) Determine the likely length of the trial and, if the trial will exceed 4 weeks in length, the case may be remanded to a full-time civil judge, or leave the case as is and available for random reassignment to another civil/criminal judge to accommodate case reassignment pursuant to these rules.

    [As amended; effective January 1, 2001.]