Eighth Judicial Court Rules

Rule 1.75 – Calendaring of family trials and evidentiary hearings.

Rule 1.75. Calendaring of family trials and evidentiary hearings.

  • (a) The district judges serving in the family division will hear trials of contested matters and evidentiary hearings in the afternoons Monday through Thursday or at any other time designated by the judge. Trial and hearing times must be obtained from the judicial department to which the case has been assigned.

    (b) More than one case may be set to be heard at the same time or on the same date. In the event such trailing cases are left unresolved at the time of the day of the trial or hearing, the court may direct that they remain stacked behind the case being heard and they shall be trailed in the order in which they are assigned for trial and that the parties, their attorneys and witnesses must stand ready to proceed to trial upon reasonable oral notification by the court to the attorneys (or pro se litigants) involved.