Eighth Judicial Court Rules

Rule 2.23 – Motions decided without oral argument.

Rule 2.23. Motions decided without oral argument.

  • (a) At the request of a judge, the clerk must promptly bring to the judge’s attention every motion to which no response has been timely filed. The clerk must also submit all motions, whether responded to or not, to the judge not less than 3 days before the scheduled hearing.

    (b) If the time to oppose a motion has passed and no opposition has been filed, counsel for the moving party may submit an order granting the motion pursuant to Rule 2.20 to the chambers of the assigned department.

    (c) The judge may consider the motion on its merits at anytime with or without oral argument, and grant or deny it.

    (d) When a judge decides a motion before the hearing date, it must be removed from the calendar and the clerk must enter an order upon the minutes of the court reflecting the action taken.

    [Amended; effective July 2, 2007.]