Eighth Judicial Court Rules

Rule 2.24 – Rehearing of motions.

Rule 2.24. Rehearing of motions.

  • (a) No motions once heard and disposed of may be renewed in the same cause, nor may the same matters therein embraced be reheard, unless by leave of the court granted upon motion therefor, after notice of such motion to the adverse parties.

    (b) A party seeking reconsideration of a ruling of the court, other than any order which may be addressed by motion pursuant to N.R.C.P. 50(b), 52(b), 59 or 60, must file a motion for such relief within 10 days after service of written notice of the order or judgment unless the time is shortened or enlarged by order. A motion for rehearing or reconsideration must be served, noticed, filed and heard as is any other motion. A motion for reconsideration does not toll the 30-day period for filing a notice of appeal from a final order or judgment.

    (c) If a motion for rehearing is granted, the court may make a final disposition of the cause without reargument or may reset it for reargument or resubmission or may make such other orders as are deemed appropriate under the circumstances of the particular case.


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