Eighth Judicial Court Rules

Rule 2.27 – Exhibits.

Rule 2.27. Exhibits.

  • (a) Exhibits that are submitted to the court that are in excess of 10 pages in length must be numbered consecutively in the lower right-hand corner of the document. Exhibits shall be separated by sheets with the identification “Exhibit ____” centered in the separator page in 24-point font or larger.

          (b) Where the exhibits to be submitted are collectively in excess of 100 pages, the exhibits must be filed as a separate appendix and must include a table of contents identifying each exhibit and the numbering sequence of the exhibits.

          (c) Unless otherwise ordered by the court, exhibits that are in a format other than documents that can be scanned may not be filed in support of pretrial and post-trial briefs. Where the court enters an order permitting the filing of non-documentary exhibits in support of pretrial and post-trial briefs which contain audio or video information, the filing must be filed with a captioned cover sheet identifying the exhibit(s) and the document(s) to which it relates and be accompanied by a transcript of the contents of the exhibit.

          (d) Oversized exhibits shall be reduced to eight and one-half inches by eleven inches (8.5″ × 11″) unless otherwise permitted by the court or unless such reduction would destroy legibility. An oversized exhibit that cannot be reduced shall be filed manually and separately with a captioned cover sheet identifying the exhibit and the document(s) to which it relates.

          (e) Copies of pleadings or other documents filed in the pending matter, cases, statutes, or other legal authority shall not be attached as exhibits or made part of an appendix.

          [Added; effective October 13, 2005; amended; effective July 29, 2011.]