Eighth Judicial Court Rules

Rule 2.30 – Amended pleadings.

Rule 2.30. Amended pleadings.

  • (a) A copy of a proposed amended pleading must be attached to any motion to amend the pleading. Unless otherwise permitted by the court, every pleading to which an amendment is submitted as a matter of right, or has been allowed by order of the court, must be re-typed or re-printed and filed so that it will be complete in itself, including exhibits, without reference to the superseded pleading. No pleading will be deemed to be amended until there has been compliance with this rule.

    (b) All amended pleadings must contain copies of all exhibits referred to in such amended pleadings. A pleader may, upon ex parte application, obtain an order from the court directing the clerk to remove any exhibit attached to prior pleadings and attach the same to the amended pleading.