Eighth Judicial Court Rules

Rule 2.47 – Motions in limine.

Rule 2.47. Motions in limine.

  • Unless otherwise provided for in an order of the court, all motions in limine to exclude or admit evidence must be in writing and filed not less than 45 days prior to the date set for trial and must be heard not less than 14 days prior to trial.

    (a) The court may refuse to sign orders shortening time and to consider any oral motion in limine and any motion in limine which is not timely filed or noticed.

    (b) Motions in limine may not be filed unless an unsworn declaration under penalty of perjury or affidavit of moving counsel is attached to the motion setting forth that after a conference or a good-faith effort to confer, counsel have been unable to resolve the matter satisfactorily. A “conference” requires a personal or telephone conference between or among counsel. Moving counsel must set forth in the declaration/affidavit what attempts to resolve the matter were made, what was resolved, what was not resolved and the reasons therefore. If a personal or telephone conference was not possible, the declaration/affidavit shall set forth the reasons.

    [Amended; effective April 23, 2008.]