Eighth Judicial Court Rules

Rule 2.51 – Settlement conferences.

Rule 2.51. Settlement conferences.

  • (a) At the request of any party or on its own motion, the court may order the parties to participate in a settlement conference.

    (b) Unless otherwise ordered by the settlement judge, at least 24 hours before any scheduled settlement conference, each party must submit to the settlement judge a confidential settlement conference brief that is no more than 5 pages in length and addresses each of the following issues:

    (1) A brief factual statement regarding the matter;

    (2) The procedural posture of the case including any scheduled trial dates;

    (3) The strengths and weaknesses of each parties’ claims;

    (4) The settlement negotiations that have transpired and whether the parties have engaged in any prior mediations or settlement conferences and the identity of the mediator or prior settlement judge;

    (5) The dates and amounts of any demands and offers and their expiration date(s);

    (6) Any requirements of a settlement agreement other than a release of all claims for the matter and a dismissal of all claims;

    (7) Any unusual legal issues in the matter;

    (8) The identity of the individual with full settlement authority who will be attending the settlement conference on behalf of the party; and

    (9) Any insurance coverage issues that might affect the resolution of the matter.

    [Added; effective July 2, 2007.]