Eighth Judicial Court Rules

Rule 2.65 – Notice of scheduling and trial setting orders.

Rule 2.65. Notice of scheduling and trial setting orders.

  • (a) The clerk must maintain a folder for each practicing attorney with cases pending in the Eighth Judicial District Court. Periodically, scheduling orders shall be placed by a designee of the discovery commissioner’s office in each attorney’s folder; similarly, a designee of the trial judge shall place trial setting orders in each attorney’s folder or have them delivered by facsimile or mail.

    (b) Placing the scheduling and trial setting orders in the folders constitutes notice to the attorney of the matter contained in each order. It is the responsibility of each attorney to obtain the material placed in the attorney’s folder.

    (c) A designee of the judge must promptly notify each litigant appearing in proper person of a trial setting by mail and the discovery commissioner must provide notice of the scheduling order in the same manner. Additionally, the commissioner or judge’s office may notify counsel of scheduling or trial setting orders by mail or facsimile transmission when appropriate.

    [Amended; effective October 13, 2005.]