Eighth Judicial Court Rules

Rule 2.80 – Subpoenas for foreign deposition.

Rule 2.80. Subpoenas for foreign deposition.

  • (a) A party seeking the issuance from the clerk of a subpoena for the purpose of taking a foreign deposition in the district must present and tender to the clerk the following:

    (1) Copies of the papers required by the Uniform Foreign Depositions Act, NRS 53.060.

    (2) A cover sheet in the form required by Rule 7.20, with the title of the court as “Eighth Judicial District Court” and not the foreign court in which the action is pending. For purposes of Rule 7.20, the cover sheet must be described “Request for Foreign Deposition Subpoena.”

    (3) Such filing fees as may be required by law.

    (b) Upon compliance with subsection (a), the clerk must collect the required fee, assign a case number to the request, and retain for the clerk’s records the copies of the papers referred to in subsection (a)(1), as well as the cover sheet required by subsection (a)(2).

    (c) Subpoena(s) may then be issued and enforced in conformance with N.R.C.P. 45.

    (d) All subsequent proceedings involving the request or the issuance of a subpoena, including show cause proceedings, must be commenced by pleadings or papers bearing the case number as assigned above.

    [Amended; effective October 13, 2005.]