Eighth Judicial Court Rules

Rule 3.10 – Consolidation and reassignment.

Rule 3.10. Consolidation and reassignment.

  • (a) When an indictment or information is filed against a defendant who has other criminal cases pending in the court, the new case may be assigned directly to the department wherein a case against that defendant is already pending.

    (b) Unless objected to by one of the judges concerned, criminal cases, writs or motions may be consolidated or reassigned to any criminal department for trial, settlement or other resolution.

    (c) In the event of negotiations being reached as to multiple cases having the same defendant, defense counsel and the prosecution may stipulate to having all of the involved cases assigned to the department having the oldest case with the lowest case number, and the court clerk shall then so reassign the involved cases. If the negotiations later break down, then the court clerk will again reassign the involved cases back to their respective department(s) of origin. The objection provision of subparagraph (b) hereinabove does not pertain to this present subparagraph (c).

          [Amended; effective July 29, 2011.]