Eighth Judicial Court Rules

Rule 4.04 – Authority of the probate commissioner.

Rule 4.04. Authority of the probate commissioner

  • (a) The probate commissioner shall have the following authority on those matters heard before the probate commissioner:

                 (1) To receive oral, documentary, and tangible evidence and to establish a record;

                 (2) To make findings of fact, recommended conclusions of law, and recommendations for the provisions and enforcement of any order; and

                 (3) To exercise any other power or duty contained in an order issued by the probate judge.

    (b) The probate commissioner may recommend a district court judge to make an immediate determination of appropriate sanctions for contemptuous behavior, issue a bench warrant, quash a warrant, or release persons arrested thereon.

    (c) The probate commissioner may perform the duties of any other duly appointed master or commissioner as the administration of justice may require and as authorized under Rule 53(c) of the Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure.

    (d) The probate commissioner may make appropriate sanctions for a party’s failure to comply with the applicable statutes or rules of the court.

          [Added; effective September 2, 2014.]