Eighth Judicial Court Rules

Rule 5.01 – Scope of rules.

Rule 5.01. Scope of rules.

  • (a) The rules in Part V govern the practice and procedure in all family division matters, except paternity, juvenile, and reciprocal support act cases which may be governed by different rules or statutes. Whether or not the court prescribes any rules for these divisions of family court, the court, with the approval of the supreme court, has the inherent power to prescribe rules and policies for the conduct of proceedings in those cases. Part V also governs matters of child custody, visitation and child support in paternity cases once paternity has been established.

    (b) Support cases prosecuted by a public agency shall be governed by the procedures set forth in the Nevada Revised Statutes and any federal law. Objections to a decision of a hearing master’s report shall be heard by the judge assigned to that case in accordance with Rule 5.42.

    (c) Rules 5.91 through 5.995 govern practice and procedure in all guardianship proceedings under Title 13 of the Nevada Revised Statutes.

    [Amended; effective August 21, 2000.]