Eighth Judicial Court Rules

Rule 5.02 – Hearings may be private.

Rule 5.02. Hearings may be private.

  • (a) In any contested action for divorce, annulment, separate maintenance, breach of contract or partition based upon a meretricious relationship, custody of children or spousal support, the court must, upon demand of either party, direct that the trial or hearing(s) on any issue(s) of fact joined therein be private and upon such direction, all persons shall be excluded from the court or chambers wherein the action is heard, except officers of the court, the parties, their witnesses while testifying, and counsel.

    (b) In appropriate cases when a party has demanded that the trial or hearing be private, the court may nevertheless permit an expert witness either called by the court or by a party to remain in the courtroom to observe and hear other relevant portions of the proceedings, including the testimony of other witnesses, when the court has determined that such action would promote the interests of justice or the best interest of a child.

    [Amended; effective August 21, 2000.]


    Landreth v. Malik, 221 P.3d 1265, 1269 (Nev. 2009).