Eighth Judicial Court Rules

Rule 5.06 – Minor children; appearance at courthouse.

Rule 5.06. Minor children; appearance at courthouse.

  • Unless authorized in advance by a judge, master, commissioner, Family Mediation Center (FMC) specialist or Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) representative, no minor child of the parties shall be brought to the courthouse for any court hearing, trial, CASA or FMC appointment which concerns that child or the child’s parents. In exceptional cases, the judge, master or commissioner may interview minor children in chambers outside the presence of counsel and the parties. Minor children will not be permitted to testify in open court unless the judge, master, or commissioner determines that the probative value of the child’s testimony substantially outweighs the potential harm to the child. The court may impose sanctions for a willful violation of this rule by either a litigant or counsel.

    [Amended; effective August 21, 2000.]