Eighth Judicial Court Rules

Rule 5.09 – Procedure in divorce cases.

Rule 5.09. Procedure in divorce cases.

  • (1) An application or joint petition for divorce filed pursuant to NRS 125.123 or NRS 125.181 to 125.184, inclusive, shall be submitted to the court for consideration without hearing.

    (2) In addition to those matters described above, all contested divorces which are settled by the parties with all issues resolved, uncontested divorces and all annulments, may be submitted without hearing by agreement of the parties and with the approval of the court.

    (3) Affidavits in divorce cases shall comply with the requirements of N.R.C.P. 56(e).

    (4) Affidavits of residence witnesses shall state the affiant’s residence address and the length of time affiant has resided in this state. The affiant shall state:

    (a) That the affiant is personally acquainted with the party to the action whose residence is being corroborated;

    (b) The party’s residence address;

    (c) The date from which the affiant knows that the party has resided at that address and the total length of time affiant knows that the party has resided in the State of Nevada. If the jurisdiction of the court is based upon the minimum legal residency, the affiant shall specify the days that the party has been physically present in Nevada.

    [Added; effective January 1, 2003.]