Eighth Judicial Court Rules

Rule 5.10 – Uncontested family division matters.

Rule 5.10. Uncontested family division matters.

  • Unless permitted by statute or ordered by the court, uncontested matters including, but not limited to, divorces, annulments, separate maintenance, and termination of parental rights actions, except termination rights actions heard by the juvenile judge, will be heard on any day and time that the assigned judge is hearing uncontested matters. A request that the court hear one of these cases must be made to the clerk not later than 2 judicial days before the day on which the case is to be heard. All relevant papers must be filed with the clerk at or before the time the request for the uncontested setting is made. If a department to which a case has been assigned is unexpectedly absent on the date for which an uncontested hearing is set, uncontested family matters may be heard by any other department.

    [Amended; effective August 21, 2000.]