Eighth Judicial Court Rules

Rule 7.10 – Applications to other than assigned judge.

Rule 7.10. Applications to other than assigned judge.

  • (a) Except as provided in these rules or in an emergency, no judge except the judge having charge of the cause or proceeding may enter any order therein. If the matter is of an emergency nature and both the judge to whom the case is assigned and the judge’s designee are absent or otherwise unavailable, applications must be made to the chief judge, or in a case assigned to the family division, the presiding judge.

    (b) When any district judge has begun a trial or hearing of any cause, proceeding or motion, or made any ruling, order or decision therein, no other judge may do any act or thing in or about such cause, proceeding or motion, unless upon the request of the judge who has begun the trial or hearing of such cause, proceeding or motion.

    (c) Any order of an absent judge which is signed by another judge must conform to the minutes of the court. In such case, the order will be deemed to be the order of the original judge making the ruling, order or decision, rather than the judge signing the same.

    (d) When an order of an emergency nature is entered by the chief or presiding judge or an order of an absent judge assigned on the judge’s behalf, it may be enforced or reconsidered by the judge to whom the case is assigned.

    (e) Any order of a senior judge or visiting judge may be enforced or modified by any other senior or visiting judge.