Eighth Judicial Court Rules

Rule 7.70 – Voir dire examination.

Rule 7.70. Voir dire examination.

  • The judge must conduct the voir dire examination of the jurors. Except as required by Rule 2.68, proposed voir dire questions by the parties or their attorneys must be submitted to the court in chambers not later than 4:00 p.m. on the judicial day before the day the trial begins. Upon request of counsel, the trial judge may permit counsel to supplement the judge’s examination by oral and direct questioning of any of the prospective jurors. The scope of such additional questions or supplemental examination must be within reasonable limits prescribed by the trial judge in the judge’s sound discretion.

    The following areas of inquiry are not properly within the scope of voir dire examination by counsel:

    (a) Questions already asked and answered.

    (b) Questions touching on anticipated instructions on the law.

    (c) Questions touching on the verdict a juror would return when based upon hypothetical facts.

    (d) Questions that are in substance arguments of the case.