Eighth Judicial Court Rules

Rule 7.80 – Court interpreters.

Rule 7.80. Court interpreters.

  • (a) Counsel must notify the court interpreter’s office of a request for interpreter not less than 48 hours before the hearing or trial is scheduled. In criminal cases when the defendant has been declared an indigent, and in civil cases when a determination of indigency has been made pursuant to NRS 12.015, there may be no charge for available court interpreters. In all other cases, the party requesting the interpreter must pay any reasonable fees as may be set by the chief judge to the clerk in advance for the services of a court interpreter.

          In exceptional cases, the fee schedule may be waived, increased or decreased, at the discretion of the court. When it is necessary to employ interpreters from outside Clark County, actual and necessary expenses shall also be paid by the party requesting the interpreter.

          (b) An interpreter qualified for and appointed to a case must appear at all subsequent court proceedings unless relieved as interpreter of record by the court.

          [Amended; effective January 17, 2012.]