Eighth Judicial Court Rules

Rule 8.01 – Definitions of words and terms.

Rule 8.01. Definitions of words and terms.

  • (a) “E-Filing System” means the system approved by the Eighth Judicial District Court (hereinafter referred to as “Court”) for filing and service of pleadings, motions, and other documents via the Internet through the Court-authorized service provider.

    (b) “E-Document” means an electronic document which is usually text created by a computer but an E-Document also includes an image scanned or converted to a graphical or image format.

    (c) “E-Filing” means an electronic transmission of documents to and from the Clerk of the Court.

    (d) “E-Mail” means a system for sending and receiving messages over a computer network.

    (e) “E-Service” means the electronic transmission of an E-Document (or Notification of a Filing) to all designated parties at their electronic mail address via the E-Filing system.

    (f) “E-Filer” means a party filing a document with the Court in electronic form.

    (g) “Service Provider” means the vendor that is under contract with the Court to provide the E-Filing System that can be accessed through the Internet at an Internet address as determined by the Service Provider.

    (h) “Registered User” means a person or firm who has executed a Subscriber Agreement with the service provider and received the system-generated user ID and password.

    (i) “Public Access terminals” means a computer provided by the Clerk’s Office for a registered user to access the E-Filing System.

    [Added; effective April 11, 2006.]