Eighth Judicial Court Rules

Rule 8.02 – Use of the E-Filing System.

Rule 8.02. Use of the E-Filing System.

  • (a) Unless otherwise provided in Rule 2.02, the judge to whom a case is assigned may order all parties to file and serve all documents using the E-Filing System in any class action, a consolidated action, or a group of actions, a coordinated action, or an action that is deemed complex under NRCP 16.1(f). Cases may be placed in the E-Filing System at any time after obtaining a case number and the initial filing of the action. The judge to whom the case is assigned also has the discretion of mandating that any particular case be taken out of the E-Filing System at any time.

    (b) The Court may electronically file any notice, order, minute order, judgment, or other document prepared by the Court.

    (c) A document that the Court or a party files electronically under these rules has the same legal effect as a document filed in paper form.

    (d) Filing a document electronically does not alter any filing deadline.

    (e) When it is not feasible for a party to convert a document to electronic form by scanning, imaging, or other means, a Court may allow a party to file the document in paper form.

    (f) It shall be the responsibility of the participating parties to serve, pursuant to NRCP 5, proper person litigants who cannot register in the E-Filing System.

          [Added; effective April 11, 2006; amended; effective July 29, 2011.]