Eighth Judicial Court Rules

Rule 8.05 – Electronic service of pleadings and other documents.

Rule 8.05. Electronic service of pleadings and other documents.

  • (a) All documents in the E-Filing System will be served through E-Service. Each party who submits an E-Filed document through the E-Filing System consents to electronic service pursuant to NRCP 5(b)(2)(D). An E-Filed document accepted by the Clerk will be electronically served on all parties registered in that case through the E-Filing System.

    (b) If the E-Mail message contains notification of the filing, it will contain a resource locator (valid for 60 days from the date of the transmission of the E-Mail message) that will provide access to the E-Document through the Internet for printing or viewing.

    (c) The E-Mail message will contain the name and address of all intended recipients of the E-Service notification.

    (d) Other than the service of a summons or subpoena, users who register with the electronic filing system are deemed to consent to receive service electronically. A party may also agree to accept electronic service by filing and serving a notice. The notice must include the electronic notification address(es) at which the party agrees to accept service.

    (e) Service on nonregistered recipients. The party filing a document must serve nonregistered recipients by traditional means such as mail, express mail, overnight delivery, or facsimile transmission and provide proof of such service to the court.

    (f) The parties must file with the clerk a certificate of service, including a service list indicating the parties to be served. Each party shall maintain a service list, indicating which parties are to be served electronically and which parties are to be served in the traditional manner. Each party is responsible for updating their firm’s information in the vendor’s service list and the accuracy of their own service list through the vendor’s system for each case.

    (g) The electronic service of a pleading or other document shall be considered as valid and effective service on all participants and shall have the same legal effect as an original paper document.

    (h) For purposes of NRCP 5, E-Service does not constitute service by mail.

    (i) Proof of Electronic Service must state that the date and time of the electronic service is in place of the date and place of deposit in the mail.

          [Added; effective April 11, 2006; amended; effective December 15, 2011.]