Eighth Judicial Court Rules

Rule 8.10 – Technical problems that preclude electronic filing.

Rule 8.10. Technical problems that preclude electronic filing.

  • (a) Both the Court and the E-Filing Service Provider must take reasonable steps to provide notice to electronic filers of any problems that impede or preclude electronic filing.

    (b) When technical problems with either the Court’s system and/or the Service Provider’s system preclude the Court from accepting electronic filings on a particular court day, the Court must deem a filing received on the day when the filer can satisfactorily demonstrate that he or she attempted to file on that day.

    (c) This provision does not apply to the complaint or other filing that initiates an action or proceeding; that is, it does not extend the time within which an action or proceeding must be filed.

    [Added; effective April 11, 2006.]