Eighth Judicial Court Rules

Rule 8.11 – Electronic filing providers.

Rule 8.11. Electronic filing providers.

  • (a) The Court may contract with one or more electronic service providers to furnish and maintain an electronic filing system for the Court.

    (b) The Court shall require parties who wish to electronically file documents with the Court to do so by transmitting their documents to such a provider.

    (c) The Court’s contract with an electronic filing provider may allow the provider to charge electronic filers a reasonable fee in addition to the Court’s filing fee, subject to the restrictions set out in Rule 5(i) of the Nevada Electronic Filing Rules. The contract may also allow the electronic filing provider to make other reasonable requirements for use of the electronic filing system.

    (d) Any contract between the Court and an electronic filing provider must acknowledge that the Court is the owner of the contents of the filing system and has the exclusive right to control its use.

          [Added; effective April 11, 2006; amended; effective December 15, 2011.]