Eighth Judicial Court Rules

Rule 8.16 – Court fees.

Rule 8.16. Court fees.

  • (a) Any instrument requiring payment of a filing fee to the Clerk of the District Court can be filed electronically in the same manner as any other E-File document.

    (b) If a filing fee is required, the filing party shall immediately send to the Clerk of the District Court, a photocopy of the face sheet of the filing indicating thereon the filing ID#, plus a check for filing fee(s) in the proper amount in accordance with the current Clark County District Court Schedule of Fees.

    (c) Statutory filing fees must be tendered to the Clerk immediately following an electronic filing and must in any event be postmarked no later than the next business day following the electronic filing.

    (d) If a filing fee is due on any ex parte application, it must be received by the Clerk no later than 24 hours following an electronic filing.

          [Added; effective April 11, 2006.]