Form 3 – Complaint on a Promissory Note

Form 3. Complaint on a Promissory Note

  • 1. Defendant on or about June 1, 1935, executed and delivered to plaintiff a promissory note [in the following words and figures: (here set out the note verbatim)]; [a copy of which is hereto annexed as Exhibit A]; [whereby defendant promised to pay to plaintiff or order on June 1, 1936 the sum of ten thousand dollars with interest thereon at the rate of six percent per annum].
    2. Defendant owes to plaintiff the amount of said note and interest.
    Wherefore plaintiff demands judgment against defendant for the sum of ten thousand dollars, interest, and costs.

    Attorney for Plaintiff

    1. The pleader may use the material in one of the three sets of brackets. His choice will depend upon whether he desires to plead the document verbatim, or by exhibit, or according to its legal effect.

    2. Under the rules free joinder of claims is permitted. See Rules 8(e) and 18. Consequently the claims set forth in each and all of the following forms may be joined with this complaint or with each other. Ordinarily each claim should be stated in a separate division of the complaint, and the divisions should be designated as counts successively numbered. In particular the rules permit alternative and inconsistent pleading. See Form 10.

  • Drafter’s Note

    2004 Amendment

    Form 3 is amended to reflect the change to Rule 11(a) requiring both the address and telephone number of the person signing the document.